Counter Offers – Never Take Them

So you are about to accept that new job and your current employer offers you a deal designed to make you stay. Known as a counteroffer, this deal may appear too good to be true – and it probably is! Read below to find out what you can expect if you accept that counteroffer:


Executive Dynamics
Recent industry evidence shows at least 90% of candidates who accept counteroffers are not employed after six months.
Carnegie Resources
89% accepting counteroffers leave within six months
National Employment Association
80% of those who accept a counteroffer are no longer with the company six months later.
Cemco Systems
Over 60% of individuals that receive counteroffers and accept them leave the company within one year on their own or because they are terminated.
Fristoe and Carleton Inc.
72% of people who accept a counteroffer leave the employer within one year.
Computer World
70% leave within One Year
Business Week
78% leave in One Year
Howard Group
Statistics show that if you accept or solicit a counteroffer, the probability of you voluntarily leaving, getting fired, or being demoted at your present employer within one (1) year is extremely high.
During the past 20 years, I have seen only isolated incidents in which an accepted counteroffer has benefited the employee.
Global Executive Services
The rule of thumb among recruiters is that more than 80% of those accepting counteroffers leave or are terminated, within six to 12 months, anyway. Half of those who do succumb reinitiate their job searches within 90 days.
Graphic Resources
Statistics show that if you accept a counteroffer, the probability of voluntarily leaving in six months or being let go within one year is extremely high.